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Multiple ways of creativity and innovation


If creativity is scarce, innovation is almost non-existent. We all have the ability to create, but the majority evade it, lest they make mistakes, so you find people prefer to walk on the straight and narrow path because it is only safe for them. Earth.

* What is creativity?

To be creative, you must combine your ideas in new ways. Creativity is based on unconventional ways of thinking and looking at things. In creative thinking, there is no such thing as a "wrong idea", because any idea may lead to the right and useful matter.

Jonathan Milne, Executive Director of the Learning Concept Institute and author of Go! -The Art of Change: “Creativity is not about reinventing the wheel, but putting existing ideas in new places.” This means that we must be prepared to give up much of what we believe in, which is supported by Edgar Degas' saying: "Only when a painter does not know what to do is he painting good things."

How to indulge in a creative mood ?:

Some of the things I tried might seem strange, but as long as they work, I don't care what other people think. It is one of the good things about older adults.

I found the following ideas useful: staying relaxed, crying while watching movies, inhaling the scent of flowers, laughing a lot, imagining your magic, praying with children, putting on your hands and knees to play with children, listening to their ideas, listening to the elderly, and blessing yourself. Hugging trees, building a garden, crossing the road, traveling, reading inspirational books, listening to inspirational audio tapes in the car. Do something daily that challenges yourself .. draw a picture… If you vow not to laugh, you can take a look at some of my artistic endeavors. I am not a great artist, but she is better than I imagined when I was working as an accountant.

* Various ways to increase creativity

There are 17 useful ways to increase creativity, including the following:

Complimenting people a lot, challenging them a lot, reminding those whose ideas you need, providing time for thinking, providing space for thought, discussion and creativity, continuing creative thinking, making field trips, encouraging humor, making debates, attending drawing sessions, drawing dreams, and making brainstorming sessions Using Osborne's checklist, reading Rodger Ouch's book “Whack on the side of the head,” using Tony Buzan's mind maps, wearing Dr. Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats, and using La Salle's “Blend of Innovation”.

* Innovation goes beyond creativity

Creative ideas often come in the middle of the night. Few of those who receive these thoughts wake up to record their idea before forgetting it, and even fewer commit to bringing those thoughts into reality. To be successful, you have to roll your arms and go to work. Innovation comes from hard work, overcoming fear, and having the courage to take action.

Let me prove it from my own experience: for many years I knew what I wanted to do, and the Bank of New Zealand was very comfortable, its terms were attractive, but I was intimidated by the opening of the golden restrictions that surrounded me there.

How grateful I am to my half-brother Roger Gardner who told me: “You should think clearly about yourself and believe in yourself, then you can be innovative. Whatever you want in life, there is no alternative to facing fear. Indeed, I had the required courage, and I set out at the age of 45, and submitted my resignation from my job at the bank, despite the magic of working with it.

I also found the great truth in my brother saying: "Jump, the nets will appear." Indeed, as soon as I submitted my resignation, opportunities began to shower on me. The nature of consulting business is that there are no long lines of business that you will commit to in the future, and for several years I have been worried about what will bring me the next month (or not), and I found it like A ship makes its way through the water, some time the water flows behind you and supports you when you need it.

Since 1992, when I established the Virtual Consulting Group, I helped many people who wanted to start a business in the field of private consulting.

All this time I have never known anyone who has achieved success, when they were looking at job advertisements as well. You have to jump in and be committed, as they say: "Luck follows the brave."

When I launched the virtual group, I thought deeply about the business that I wanted to create, so I prepared a strategic plan for five years, and of course it changed over time, so I always say to the new consultants: “Plan if you want to, but don't expect things to happen as planned, It is better to prepare, think and dream, for it is more than shaking an apple tree and trusting in the universe’s presentation of apples.

* Completing the following information may help you to know whether you are handcuffed or otherwise:

I don't do it much, but I enjoy it ...

My biggest obstacle to creativity is ...

If I had a little fun, I would let myself do ...

- If it is not too late, I will ...

- if that doesn't sound crazy; Then ...

I am afraid that if I allow myself to dream, that will happen ...

Seneca says: "It is not because they are difficult things that we do not dare to do, but because we do not dare to do them because they are difficult."

** Innovation is often an institutional issue

Most of the managers I talk to assume a lack of ideas is the reason their organizations lack innovation. If that was true sometimes, but it is not always, because one of my clients’s institution is run by a very creative man, who formed a similar team to him, so their problem was that there were too many ideas, so few of those ideas went out into reality, while the rest of the rest would feel bored before Their thoughts are turned into reality.

Managers raise h

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