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    Development of control systems in cities and smart homes
  • Data Centers& Network Installation
    Working in the field of corporate LANs
  • Networks Security
    Working on solutions for network protection and security systems
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    Android & iOS & Windows mobile application solutions
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Who are we?


















Soft Magic is working to achieve sustainability by using engineering technologies and encouraging innovation and green technology to make today's world great for a better tomorrow.















 To offer innovative solutions in the field of public services, communications, and information technology, as well as modern industries and agriculture












chik1 Developing emerging ideas and businesses and finding solutions for them in addition to marketing them

chik1 The company is working to develop control systems in cities and smart homes
chik1 Work in the fields of ICT for local networks and LAN enterprises
chik1 Holding smart partnerships with internal and external institutions
chik1 Work in the field of security systems for networks
chik1 Working in the field of mobile applications
chik1 Business development for systems, software, and applications
chik1 Engineering solutions for enterprises and companies
chik1 Transforming ideas and innovations into projects
chik1 Research and development
chik1 Administrative Development



To become the first company in the field of smart solutions and innovation












Smart cities and homes


Ideas and innovations


Local networks


Business Development

bussnis develop

Network Security

Security Network

Absorb the emerging business

work mini

Mobile Applications


Engineering Solutions



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