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Network solutions
LAN services
A local area network (LAN) is a network that covers a small local area such as a home, office, or even a small group of buildings. Qualitynet offers you a wide range of LAN services that expand the capabilities of desktop computers, and create an environment for a secure and reliable network in the home or office.
These services include providing, managing and maintaining infrastructure equipment, after selecting the equipment and delivering it to the customer’s premises, then installing it, checking its installation and ensuring its proper performance. While maintenance work includes repairing faults and ensuring the equipment is working properly.

Qualitynet relies on a cadre of specialized engineers and technicians, and the use of modern technology, tools and advanced equipment, and the application of systems with international standards to provide innovative solutions that meet all needs and aspirations.

Our services include:

security service.
Website management services including internet servers, DNS and email.
Application services including File and Authentication servers
“Integrated Intranet” Information Exchange Server
Unified Messaging - PTP and IPSEC
Local network solutions combine the expertise of Qualitynet and our technology partners, as it is possible to distribute hardware components even in remote areas to the side of your company premises! And that is through public telephone networks, digital leased lines, or through IP data networks, noting that these solutions contain strong network software factors so that the network consisting of 100 nodes has the same characteristics as one system.

WAN services
Wide area network, is a communication network that covers a relatively large geographical area. It usually consists of two or more LANs. Computers connected to a WAN are often connected through telephone system, DSL, leased lines, etc.
WAN solutions from Qualitynet allow multiple users and owners of personal computers to access data and the Internet at the same time through one connection, which gives them an infrastructure at an economical cost, and access can be shared because the information is obtained more quickly.
These solutions provide a wide range of Inter Faces data interfaces and Internet access, so that the communication capacity can be adapted to the company's needs, allowing voice and data to be sent over private IP networks technology in a compressed form, and also in Frame Relay, ATM, ADSL, and data networks. IPLS and ISDN IPSTN networks.
Thanks to Qualitynet's WAN solution, customers enjoy a global presence, as they can enter any part of the world. And from

Among the most prominent features of our network:

Flexibility of management and assurance of reliability
A widely owned regional IP network
Global reach - more than 100 countries
Connect with the Internet at high speeds
We provide our customers with 24/7 monitoring and monitoring of their internet connection, whether domestically or internationally, backed by SLAS service. Our network management center monitors all external websites, so that we provide our customers with continuous reports on the performance of these sites.

Wireless LAN solutions and WLAN services
With its advanced wireless network technology and wireless hotspots, the largest network of its kind in Kuwait, Qualitynet is proud to add other core values ​​to its network.

Wireless network analysis

A complementary service for connection points devices from Qualitynet, which works to monitor the work of wireless connectivity with the Internet, which helps in collecting data in the presence of wireless devices in or around the facility. Our systems record the approximate location of a wireless network device using continuous data by monitoring this device. Usually this data comes from the network management system, but our systems may also use the server data feed from the WLAN console or AP.

Indoor wireless network positioning system

A system based on wireless network positioning technology (WPS or WFPS / WIPS) used as an alternative to GPS when the latter is not reliable due to the multiplicity of paths and blockage of signal crossing. These systems require indoor positioning systems, as the wireless network positioning system benefits from the rapid growth in wireless entry sites in remote areas. Note that Qualitynet is always ready to provide these services to the Kuwaiti market, and these services can be subscribed to through Qualitynet outlets located in malls, universities, and others.

Wireless network management solutions

Whether in wireless hotspot locations or in large building networks, WLAN management solutions from Qualitynet and its partner "Aruba" are easy to implement and manage without regard to small or large site size. There is no doubt that the advantages of application centrality, cloud computing and IP services management, enable service providers to implement mobile services at different speeds, while reducing operating and management costs at the same time.

Network security

Network security solutions aim to provide continuous and effective close monitoring of your company's assets, which ensures immediate warning of disruptions in the performance of the IT infrastructure, security breaches and other security changes and breaches that may occur in the performance environment of this infrastructure. Note that skilled network hackers can enter the network within a few minutes, but the network security system and solutions, where encoding the contents of data packets to prevent unauthorized access to them, as well as the encryption accompanying the transmission of information, prevent this.


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