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smartcity The importance of smart homes and cities has emerged as a natural response to the rapidly urbanizing world that is dealing with scarce resources with a desire to improve energy efficiency. Smart cities will greatly help deal with congestion and energy waste, but also help improve the quality of life. Smart homes will benefit from the Internet of Things to improve energy efficiency, security and comfort thanks to the introduction of connected smart devices. Our role at SoftMagic for Homes and Cities is to provide the basic technical building blocks and support development for the creators of these new devices - whether they are developments from our existing devices or new devices that provide more comfort, security or entertainment for our lives. SoftMagic has all the components to help its customers make homes and cities more connected, efficient, convenient and secure thanks to our ecosystems of hardware and software building blocks and our entire product range includes sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, analog power components and communication products.



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