Car Tracking  System

Teltonika  GPS Asset Tracker

The Teltonika TAT100 GPS Asset Tracker is perfect for valuable goods tracking, wire reels, tools, construction equipment, containers, wagons, scissor lifts and many other non-powered assets.

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Features of smallest car gps tracking device:

Features of smallest car gps tracking device:


Specifications of the Teltonika FMB920

Teltonika FMB920 is the smallest tracking device in the world, as it was specially designed to track and monitor cars using modern technologies to secure light vehicles. The GPS device is characterized by its small and smart size, as it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, and supports pneumatic operating systems, which have several benefits in addition to a built-in backup battery.

As it is the best GPS vehicle tracking device, as it works with insurance technologies, car rental, stolen car recovery, public safety services, and much more.

Specifications of the Teltonika FMB920 car tracker:

  •     This feature supports GPS via satellite.
  •     The sensitivity of the car tracker is high precision, so the precision of the gps is less than 3 meters.
  •     The time it uses at the start of the device is very short and does not exceed a few seconds.
  •     Which means that the activation and operation time of the tracking device is really very short, so it is perfect for you.

    Cellular specifications of the vehicle tracking device.

  •     Supports GSM technology.
  •     Quad band vehicle tracking device.
  •     Accuracy in transferring and saving data.
  •     Data messages through SMS (text/data) are supported.

Features of smallest car gps tracking device:

The front of the device has the following ports:

  •     The device supports an internal high gain cellular antenna port.
  •     In addition to 2 small USB ports.
  •     The gps tracker has a light-sensing LED indicator.
  •     It is noteworthy that this tracking device is equipped with a SIM of small size, as well as a Micro-SIM.
  •     It is equipped with a large internal flash memory of 128 MB to save and store information.

External specifications of the car gps tracking device:

The dimensions of the tracking device are perfectly suitable for your needs inside the car, and it has a very light and ideal weight.

Operating environment of the tracker:

  •     The operating humidity of the device is completely suitable for you, as no condensation occurs on the device.
  •     Ingress protection on the device is designed with precision and great care to preserve your property as required.

Characteristics of the smallest Teltonika FMB920 gps car tracker:

  •     Supports Bluetooth with high specifications to easily send and receive messages between you.
  •     It supports peripherals such as: temperature and humidity sensor, headset, and barcode scanner.
  •     Supports fast sensors.
  •     Support green driving features, such as over speed detection, jammer detection, fuel meter recognition.
  •     Support call control, non-connect detection, vehicle fault detection and locating assistance.
  •     Ignition detection systems inside and outside the vehicle.